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What is the Best Wood for Smoking Ribs?

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A good smoke flavor from wood is essential when making any type of ribs such as pork ribs, spare ribs, baby back ribs or prime rib. With these different woods, flavor is key, and the type of wood you use to smoke your ribs with will make all the difference.

Learn about some of the best wood for smoking ribs (chips, chunks, and logs!) below. 

Common Types of Wood for Smoking

Below are the most common type of hard woods used in smoking meats.

  1. Hickory
  2. Oak
  3. Mesquite
  4. Apple
  5. Pecan
  6. Cherry
  7. Maple
  8. Peach

Wood for smoking comes in many forms like logs, chips, and wood chunks. Logs are great for offset smokers (or smoking with indirect heat), wood chips are great for as electric smoker and wood chunks are great for adding flavors with a charcoal smoker.

Below you’ll find different types of wood to learn more about and the different flavors they’ll produce when smoked. Once you look over these wood types, you’ll be able to find the right choice of wood for your next smoking adventure.

The Most Common Types of Wood for Smoking Ribs


Hickory smoke gives off strong and rich aromas of a bacon-like flavor that makes it perfect for smoked pork and other types of meat as well. This wood type is great blended with mesquite wood logs, chunks, and chips too!

Take a look at these hickory wood chunks below.


Oak wood has an earthly smoke flavor that is mild and light to smoked ribs. It will give a subtle smoke flavor to ribs and other meat cuts as well.

Take a look at these post oak BBQ chunks below.


Mesquite is a popular and top choice among BBQ experts. The flavor profile of this wood is strong and spicy. It burns hot and fast and will add a subtle color to the smoked meat.

It should not be used for long smokes, which means it should be added at the end or beginning of the smoke for best results and best flavor. It can quickly overtake the ribs with its strong flavor.


Apple is an excellent choice of wood to add sweet flavor as well as fruity flavor to your BBQ smoke ribs. This wood type is one of the best fruit woods for an outstanding sweet and mild flavor.

Take a look at these apple wood chunks below.


Pecan wood chips give off a nutty flavor that is mild and is an excellent wood for adding a mellow flavor to ribs.

These premium pecan smoking chips can be found below.


Cherry wood is a mild smoke that is a great option for adding a deep red color to ribs. This wood will add a modest sweet fruit flavor to your ribs and cuts of meat.

Take a look at these Weber cherry wood chunks below.


Maple is a kind of wood that is perfect for adding a mild but sweet smoky flavor. It is great mixed with apple and oak to add an extra depth of flavor to ribs.

These maple BBQ smoking chips can be found below.


Peach wood is perfect for adding a sweet taste to smoked ribs. Peach can also be mixed with other woods, like hickory and oak, to add a fruit flavor to meats.

These all natural peach smoking chips can be found below.

What is the best wood for smoking ribs

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